life things

- today was my first day at work experience
- turns out mondays aren’t too busy, so over 2 hours were spent exchanging holiday snaps with keith the technician
- it also turns out that keith has led a very interesting life, which i now know far too much about
- i went to zumba, danced way too enthusiastically and felt amazing
- i then did props/stage management at the production I’m helping out with, which largely consisted of me eating all of the biscuits and snacks they had out in secret
- i am now watching alexa chung/matt hitt interviews as possible before i pass out with tiredness
- no regrets

" I wonder
whose arms would I run and fall into
if I were drunk
in a room with everyone
I have ever loved. "
Anonymous: I dunno if you're still interested, and I forget how tall you are, but Teresa Oman is 5'7" :) (Also you should delete that pic of Emma Watson--it's fake, and you don't want to contribute to her sexual harassment) xxx

I’m 5”7 as well!! I just looked her up and she is incredibly stunning! :)

and have done, I didn’t realise it was fake! That is so terrible, thankyou very much for informing me :) x